Onsite Medical Pathology & Blood Tests

To determine the cause of a patient’s illness, blood tests, biopsies and samples are sometimes required. Butler Boulevard Medical Centre is fully equipped with an in-house pathology laboratory that’s open 6 days a week from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm. As such, blood test results can be returned within 2-3 days, allowing patients to begin treatment (if needed) sooner.

Pathology Services

At Butler Boulevard Medical Centre, our doctors have full control over the testing facilities and methods. As such, we can process patient’s results accurately, reliably and quickly on-site. Our pathology services include:

Blood Work and Haematology

Often, a patient will need to undergo a blood test to determine the cause of their illness. The doctors at Butler Boulevard Medical Centre understand that blood tests can be an uncomfortable experience for some. Our team takes the greatest care when taking blood, making sure the patient feels as little discomfort as possible. We ensure a safe, clean and sterile environment at all times.

All blood work is sampled on-site and examined using the latest testing methods.

Non-Invasive Tests

Whether it is a blood test, biopsy or a sample, patient well-being is our priority. Our doctors ensure the patient is always comfortable and we maintain privacy for more sensitive tests.

Fast-Turn Around

Because Butler Boulevard Medical Centre has an in-house pathology clinic, our doctors can examine the test immediately. Our state-of-the-art facility ensures all tests are examined efficiently.

This fast-turn around benefits both doctor and patient, as treatment can begin sooner. It also eases the stress on the patient providing peace of mind and answers about their results.

It is perfectly normal to feel anxious about having a blood test or biopsy. At Butler Boulevard Medical Centre, our doctors ensure patients are as comfortable as possible when undergoing a test. For more about out pathology services, contact us today on 08) 9563 1661