The food you eat provides your body with its main source of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to grow, build and repair itself. It is literally your body's fuel. Good nutrition can optimise the body's health and performance, and a properly structured diet from a medical nutritionist can be a fundamental part of many treatments. In fact, a healthy diet is at the core of holistic treatment.

As a complete practice focused on overall well-being, Butler Boulevard Medical Centre emphasise the importance of diet to one's health, and our doctors will be able to offer you the best nutritional advice for your individual needs.

A healthy diet is always beneficial, but there are times when the body's needs change – such as during pregnancy, during recovery, or just as the body is ageing. Consultation with a medical nutritionist is the best way to optimise your diet to achieve a particular outcome or treatment. Our doctors specialise in both paediatrics and geriatrics, including diet and nutrition specifically selected for those age groups.

Whether you have special dietary concerns, are looking to optimise your fitness and physical performance, or are just trying to maintain healthy balance, Butler Boulevard Medical Centre are the leading medical dieticians in the local community.


Treatment for many conditions including:

  • diabetes
  • food allergies
  • gastrointestinal diseases
  • overweight/obesity
  • underweight/malnourishment