We are a mixed billing practice as of 19 Aug 2019  and 100% PRIVATE BILLING on weekends as of 1st March 2020.

By booking online you can choose your Doctor and see what times are available.
You will find it is easy to use and quick. 
Use the button on the top right in the sidebar to Book Online. 



Sometimes, we may need to contact you to remind you of an upcoming checkup, results or a blood test that is due. We will do this by sending you an automated link to your mobile via HOTDOC. You will then verify your details to view the content of the message and you can proceed to make a booking. 

This is a safe and effective means of communicating with you to maintain the privacy of your information. We have found this to be more efficient than letters and emails. 

For more information on this service visit www.hotdoc.com.au